Discover the story behind Enrico Mereu.

Enrico Mereu was born in Nurri (NU) April 3, 1959.
He served as a prison guard in the Asinara penal colony until 1998, when he went into retirement in conjunction with the closing of the prison. As a self-taught from a young age showed great artistic skills by working wood and stone, knowing how to shape and capture, within the natural shapes of matter, strong feelings linked to Sardinian tradition. Over the years he has received regional and national academic awards.

To Mereu the sculptor, who starred in a reality of intense, natural and exciting life, with his work on the rise of the spirit running from a strip of Sardinia opening to the whole world.
Giorgio Falossi, Mondadori Critic.

The Mereu artist is evident, at first sight with its sculpture, the solid cultural and ideological education, such as the plasticity and mastery of the subject which he reveals in the majestic stone sculptures.
Nanni Loi, Journalist.

Enrico's sculpture is based on the expression of beauty and communication of feelings. To express the emotions of the vision and the reality of life.
Maria Melis.

As Schopenhauer calls for art, Enrico Mereu lit something inside the covering, recalls him hidden aspects of his experience, of his culture, who have informed and intellectually and aesthetically forged.
Wally Paris, Dir. Int. Sassari historical heritage.

Mereu is like nature, changing does not change, it is a light from the sea that floods the soul.
Vittorio Sgarbi, Art Critic.

Enrico, digging and searching for the soul of his "creatures" in the folds and innermost fibers of the material, searches through your feelings, stimulates your feelings, he guide you to a personal research. Proposing the beauty of things, of images and vanished dreams.
Pinuccio Zappareddu.

Enrico is part of Asinara, and Asinara is part of Enrico. Two symbols of Sardinia who can not do without each other.
Maria Rosa Deffenu.